Selected Quotations of Craig S. Bruce

Some are pretty good, some are pretty bad, some are quite offensive. If you are reading this, please let me know which of my quotations you like the most.

The only thing we can know for sure is that both sides are lying to us.

— Craig Bruce (2021-08-31, #909)

This isn't a failure; it's a ‘success-in-progress’!

— Craig Bruce (2020-08-13, #908)

The only problem with analogies is that they're all wrong.

— Craig Bruce (2019-01-23, #907)

An insult just is a confession that you don't have an effective counter-argument.

— Craig Bruce (2017-02-20, #907)

I'm not worried about technology putting me out of work. I'm a software developer, so I can always find employment programming computers to take over YOUR job.

— Craig Bruce (2013-11-08, #905)

Even if you're one *in* a million, that still means you're one *of* seven thousand.

— Craig Bruce (2013-09-26, #904)

[The human population is about 7-billion.]

News Media, noun: A machine for turning tragedy into advertising revenue.

— Craig Bruce (2013-07-02, #904)

The guys who forumulated New Coke are saying, “At least we didn't design Windows 8!”

— Craig Bruce (2013-05-07, #903)

When you spend your whole life on a university campus, you never have to grow up.

— Craig Bruce (2012-10-25, #902)

[Why university professors tend to be leftists.]

The political spectrum at a glance: the center-left, center-center, and center-right are sensible people who differ in their core values; the left & right are clueless ideologues with little comprehension of economics or social psychology; and the far-left and far-right are just plain ol' batshit crazy.

— Craig Bruce (2012-10-25, #901)

There is no such thing as “reverse discrimination”; there is only “discrimination”.

— Craig Bruce (2012-03-05, #899)

The very notion of a “popular revolution” in a democracy is ludicrous on its face, since those seeking to impose their will on everyone are necessarily a minority, as the majority can always simply vote in whatever reforms it wants. Just accept the fact that you are a fringe lunatic. Be proud of it. Own it.

— Craig Bruce (2011-10-11, #898)

Overuse of the term “Ponzi scheme” makes me nostalgic for the days when doomers peppered their rants with the term “banksters”.

— Craig Bruce (2011-02-16, #897)

The rich get richer and the stupid get stupider.

— Craig Bruce (2011-01-18, #896)

Empowerment, noun: Doing whatever Oprah tells you to.

— Craig Bruce (2011-01-12, #895)

Parallel programming is being repeatedly slapped in the face by your faulty assumptions.

— Craig Bruce (2010-07-03, #894)

Listening to a rightist lecture about “morality” is almost as funny as listening to a leftist lecture about “responsibility”.

— Craig Bruce (2010-04-16, #893)

Hello. I am a time traveller. Don't be afraid. I come from the past and I travel into the future at a rate of one second per second.

— Craig Bruce (2010-02-16, #892)

When did poker become a “sport”? At the precise moment it started drawing a sizeable audience.

— Craig Bruce (2009-08-20, #890)

Nothing will turn you from a liberal to a conservative faster than starting your own business.

— Craig Bruce (2009-08-18, #889)

Q: What's the difference between an ideology and a religion?
A: Trick question — there is no difference.

— Craig Bruce (2009-04-21, #888)

The one thing that all ideologies have in common is that they are all wrong.

— Craig Bruce (2009-02-09, #887)

Don't blame the spark for the powder keg.

— Craig Bruce (2008-09-12, #886)

I always wondered why so many university professors are so politically leftist. I.e., why are such smart people so dumb? But the answer occurred to me recently — they are idealists. This is why they are so out of touch with reality. (It's also why they are only earning a quarter of what they could make in private industry.)

— Craig Bruce (2008-09-12, #885)

The last mile will be wireless.

— Craig Bruce (2008-06-02, #884)

[The last mile of Internet/phone/video infrastructure. The present telephone/cable monopolies will lose their power to hold you hostage.]

Cynicism is the new naïvety.

— Craig Bruce (2007-02-18, #882)

[If you think that everything the authorities say is false and part of some grand conspiracy, then you are hopelessly naïve. If you think that everything they say is true, then you are also hopelessly naïve (in the classic way).]

Sorry, but I've just had too many people try to tell me that basic physiology is socially imposed.

— Dr. Craig Bruce (2007-01-31, #881)

Ignorance of the laws of physics is no excuse for breaking them.
— Craig Bruce (2007-01-15, #880)

Isn't it funny how the "mysterious ways" in which the Lord works are always exactly identical to the Lord not existing at all... every time... without exception?
— Craig Bruce (2007-01-07, #879)

Rationality is the ultimate bully.
— Craig Bruce (2007-01-03, #878)

It's a double tragedy when a control freak is also incompetent.
— Craig Bruce (2006-09-20, #876)

Out of curiosity, are you a Bible thumper or a scientist? I can't imagine a scientist making such bold and absolute pronouncements about science.
— Craig Bruce (2006-08-15, #875)


It's interesting how liberal-minded people invariable side with terrorists and dictatorships against the first-world democracies. I guess this is because terrorists and dictators best represent the left-wing ideals of openness, progressiveness, tolerance, peace, secularism, liberty, individual rights, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the rule of law, education, enlightenment, human rights, non-discrimination, and the empowerment of women.
— Craig Bruce (2006-08-10, #874)

Is it sexist to believe that men are taller than women?
— Craig Bruce (2006-07-23, #873)

[Yes, I am aware that some women are taller than some men. I'm also sure that there are female weightlifters who can lift a lot more weight than I can, but they will never lift as much weight as the best male weightlifters.]

If a population elects a terrorist organization to be their government, then they rather deserve the obvious, inevitable, one-and-only possible outcome of their choice: War.
— Craig Bruce (2006-07-04, #872)

[Also, just because a criminal wins a democratic election, it does not make him no longer a criminal, nor incapable of committing further criminal acts. Those who endlessly criticize Western leaders must surely recognize this truth. Additionally, contrary to popular opinion, women are theoretically also capable of committing crimes.]

Oh, please. You can't expect politicians to have any comprehension of the technical issues they make world-changing decisions about.
— Dr. Craig S. Bruce (2006-07-01, #871)

Love is not an unselfish emotion.
— Craig Bruce (2006-06-26, #870)

[In fact, the limerence component of romantic love may just make it the most selfish emotion of all.]

They say that you can't choose your family, but that isn't true. When you are an adult, you can choose your family.
— Craig Bruce (2006-05-27, #869)

Just because seal pups are cute and fluffy, it doesn't mean their numbers don't need to be managed responsibly.
— Dr. Craig Bruce (2006-03-23, #869)

[And how about a little more self-promoting celebrity outrage for the way that not-so-cute animals like fish are killed. I'm sure they suffer terribly while being eaten alive by harp seals.]

It never stops being funny to hear that Western governments are just as bad as the Middle-Eastern ones. I guess if liberal types didn't use up all of their criticism at home, they might have a little left over for the Jihadists and genocidal dictatorships.
— Craig Bruce (2006-03-22, #868)

Good things come to those who grab them for themselves.
— Craig Bruce (2006-03-06, #867)

The only people who live on the street in Canada are those who WANT to live on the street.
— Craig Bruce (2006-03-06, #866)

[Welfare is generous enough here to put a roof over everybody's head. But some people prioritize drugs or social protest over this. We must respect their choices by not giving them handouts on the street.]

I only got a 98% in high-school Computer Ed. because my teacher was unable to phrase questions correctly 2% of the time.
— Dr. Craig Bruce (2006-02-09, #864)

[Hi, Mr. Dalling. :-) ]

Having absolute faith in anything is a good working definition of ‘insanity’.
— Craig Bruce (2006-02-08, #863)

Q: What do you call an INTJ over 30?
A: “Doctor.”
— Dr. Craig Bruce (2006-02-01, #862)

I just hope my mathematician friends can forgive me.
— Craig Bruce (2006-01-13, #861)

[What I would say if I ever won a lottery.]

It's strange. If you ask lunatics if there is extraterrestrial intelligence, they will say ‘certainly’. If you ask laypeople, they will say ‘certainly not’. And if you ask scientists, they will say ‘almost certainly.’
— Craig Bruce (2006-01-08, #860)

[We are all made of star dust.]

It's not the religion that's dangerous; it's the severity of the indoctrination.
— Craig Bruce (2006-01-08, #859)

Maybe continuously putting violent street-gang members back out on to the street is only a sub-optimal strategy.
— Craig Bruce (2006-01-03, #858)

[The spike in gun violence in Canadian cities.]

My angle is that if God is reasonable, he will understand why I cannot force myself to believe a pile of trumped-up bullshit. And if he's not reasonable, then we're all fucked anyway.
— Craig Bruce (2005-11-30, #857)

[In comparison, Pascal's wager that an omniscient being can't see through his feigned belief seems kind of dumb. It will be interesting to hear Christians, et al. explain to me that their God is not reasonable. But this doesn't change the fact that I cannot *force* myself to believe any particular thing and I'm neither gullible nor stupid. Unfortunately, this doesn't leave much room for Dr. Bruce to ever become religious.]

The only realistic thing about CSI is that people keep calling Dr. Grissom “Mister”.
— Dr. Craig Bruce (2005-11-29, #856)

[Really, they could solve most of their cases by zooming in on the fraction of a pixel of a digital surveillance image that is a person's hand and extracting their fingerprints. Or Hell, they could zoom into the center of any skin cell and examine their DNA molecules.]

Isn't it funny how the farmers are starving but I am not.
— Craig Bruce (2005-10-31, #854)

[Maybe they're not quite as vital to the economy as they think they are. Maybe the farmers who can't turn a profit despite illegal price-fixing schemes and generous illegal subsidization on such a supposedly crucial commodity are really just expensive welfare bums. Look, I'm sorry that you made such a disasterous career choice, but whose fault is that, really?]

When all of the companies in an industry can spike their prices and reap windfall profits, that is definitive proof that the industry is monopolized, that all of the players are involved in a collusion racket, and that the industry is in desperate need of perp walks and pricing regulation.
— Craig Bruce (2005-10-27, #853)

If the complexity of a large bridge were in the same order of order of complexity of large software systems, then there might be some hope that software could one day be reliable.
— Craig Bruce (2005-09-28, #852)

[But this isn't to say that software couldn't be more reliable than it is today.]

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly. Don't start at ‘Super-Fly’ because you'll end up at ‘Roadkill’.
— Craig Bruce (2005-09-28, #852)

[Craig discusses system-implementation methodology.]

Religion, n.: Absolute faith in things that are clearly false.
— Craig Bruce (2005-09-08, #851)

Hindsight is 20/100.
— Craig Bruce (2005-08-29, #850)

[Or maybe it's only 20/200. People can be so optimistic.]

The bigger they are, the harder they squish you when they fall on you.
— Craig Bruce (2005-08-22, #849)

Somehow, the thought of putting $50,000,000,000.00 into the hands of genocidal dictators makes me a little uneasy. I can't quite put my finger on why that is.
— Dr. Craig S. Bruce (2005-07-08, #848)

[There was a big African-aid announcement today.]

The purpose of The Law is to protect criminals from being lynched.
— Craig Bruce (2005-05-25, #846)

[What, you though it was to protect *you*?]

Maybe now some dynamic young leader can help drag the Catholic church into the 19th century!
— Craig Bruce (2005-04-02, #845)

[Pope John Paul II should have retired five years ago.]

The exchange rate between first-world lives and third-world lives in disaster stories in the media is about 50:1.
— Craig Bruce (2005-03-22, #844)

[This is why 9/11 is a big deal, since the equivalent of 150,000 people were murdered.]

Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism.
— Craig Bruce (2005-03-21, #843)

[Well, fiscal conservatism. Social conservatism doesn't pay any dividends since it's a stick rather than a carrot.]

Theoretican Talk Deciphered #1: “It is a flexible framework” --> “It does nothing useful on its own.”
— Craig Bruce (2005-03-07, #840)

[I've seen a few too many "flexible frameworks".]

Organizations like the ACLU fought and won the good fight back in the 1960's, but it's clear that nowadays they've run out of useful things to do since they now spend most of their time defending the scum of the Earth from getting what they rightly deserve.
— Craig Bruce (2005-02-24, #840)

[Amnesty International does little more these days than criticize first-world democracies, while occasionally mentioning that totalitarian dictatorships might be bad, too. Neo-liberal hysteria has taken root.]

The world is real. Consciousness is the illusion.
— Craig Bruce (2005-02-24, #839)

[Most philosophy majors get this backwards. “I think; therefore, the world is.”]

It's funny how most activists are pacifists.
— Craig Bruce (2005-02-22, #838)

My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon.
— Craig Bruce (2005-02-21, #837)

Live every day as if it is your last, and you'll be correct sooner than you otherwise would be.
— Craig Bruce (2004-10-29, #836)

[Most people would do rather dangerous things on their last day.]

1 + 1 = 2. Everything else is derived.
— Craig Bruce (2004-10-29, #835)

[Craig picks his favorite mathematical equation. “e^(pi*i)=-1” is just for snooty pseudo-intellectual poseur types!]

Yeah, computers are going to take over the programming business any day now because they have become so fast recently that they can solve the Halting Problem in five seconds flat.
— Craig Bruce (2004-10-16, #834)

[I don't think I'll practice saying “Would you like fries with that?” just yet.]

Fighting a war on terrorism is like fighting against crime. We can never hope to eradicate crime, so we shouldn't bother fighting it.
— Craig Bruce (2004-07-01, #831)

[Think of all the taxes we can save that would otherwise be wasted on Police salaries! Fire departments are kind of expensive, too.]

When anarchy is declared, the first thing we do, let's kill all the anarchists.
— Craig Bruce (2004-06-23, #829)

[It'll be all nice and legal-like--thanks to them. Don't tip them off, though; it'll be our opportunity to get rid of them.]

Hanlon's Razor: Don't attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence.
Bruce's Razor: Don't attribute to incompetence what can be adequately explained by Microsoft funding.
— Craig Bruce (2004-06-01, #827)

[Explaining Ken Brown's shoddy analysis relating to SCO vs. Linux.]

Q: What is the most pervasive carcinogenic substance in our atmosphere?
A: Oxygen.
— Craig Bruce (2004-05-31, #826)

It's easy to idealize someone that you don't know.
— Craig Bruce (2004-05-31, #825)

[Not so easy with someone that you do know. I suppose that “idolize” works here, too.]

The people who actually do things always suffer the slings and arrows of those who don't.
-- Dr. Craig S. Bruce (2004-05-27, #824)

[Political-campaign season has begun.]

Omniscience is not omnipotence.
-- Craig Bruce (2004-05-08, #822)

No one is more conformist than a teenage rebel.
-- Dr. Craig S. Bruce (2004-04-26, #819)

[Subcultural norms are very stringent. Your tattoos and piercings are not you expressing your individuality—they are you toeing the line like a sheep as required. (Or should that be ‘hoofing’ the line?) Just try to refuse and observe the amount of pressure you receive to conform.]

Nothing makes it easier to notice someone than them noticing you.
Nothing makes it easier to like someone than them liking you.
Nothing makes it easier to love someone than them loving you.
-- Craig Bruce (2004-02-20, #818)

We are all free to choose the inevitable.
-- Craig Bruce (2004-02-10, #817)

“How can free software be any good if you don't have to pay for it?”
“How can freedom be any good when you could be tied to a yoke instead?”
-- Craig Bruce (2003-12-18, #815)

Bruce's First Law of Coincidences: Ain't no such thing.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-11-17, #814)

Knowledge isn't necessarily power. Just as often, it is merely knowing the proper time to cringe.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-08-22, #813)

There are idiots, damned idiots, and idiots who are fooled by bad statistics.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-10-07, #812)
[Lies, damn lies... the problem isn't the statistics; it's idiots who can't pick out the flaws in misleading statements.]

This is you getting into bed with Microsoft.
This is you getting fucked.
Any questions?
-- Craig Bruce (2003-10-01, #811)

Academic researchers aren't paid to find simple solutions.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-09-07, #810)
[They're paid to find complex ones, even to simple problems.]

Complyicide, n.: Complying with a broken specification to the extent that it destroys your product.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-06-25, #809)

If Star Trek has taught me anything, it's that I shouldn't trust anyone who is different from myself.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-05-14, #806)
[perhaps they intended something different...]

"Moral Calculus": The branch of mathematics to employ when your Moral Compass isn't accurate enough.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-04-10, #804)

Diplomacy works only when there is someone serious on the other side of the table.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-04-05, #800)

There's nothing sadder than letterboxes on a wide-screen TV.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-03-18, #799)

Linux & Open Source software are a genuine disruptive technologies and they are immune to Microsoft's usual illegal business practices. Microsoft has only two profitable products, Windows and Office, and they will begin to be squeezed this year, and they will be drastically less profitable in five years as Linux and OpenOffice invade the corporate desktop. Maybe Corel will buy Windows and Office. They are always on the lookout for hand-me-down has-beens.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-02-26, #791)

Why don't Coach Busses have seat belts? Every time one of them flips on its side, ten people die. You'd think that someone would have sued the bus companies by now, if not out of outrage over safety, then at least as a pay-day.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-02-24, #789)

First they came for the useless,
But I was not useless,
So I said nothing.
Then they came for the incompetent,
But I was not incompetent,
So I said nothing.
Then they came for the idiots,
But I was not an idiot,
So I said "thank God the useless incompetent idiots are gone!"
-- Craig Bruce (2003-02-08, #787)

Two of five Space Shuttles have been catastrophically destroyed in operation. I think they need to factor that into their once-in-a-thousand-year failure calculations.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-02-12, #786)

If I mow my neighbour's lawn and he gives me $10 which I use to buy lunch, which one of us has screwed the other?
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-31, #784) [Economics is not a zero-sum game]

I find that a very effective way to discover and fix design flaws is to try to implement them. A two-year PowerPoint exercise doesn't always do this.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-30, #783)

Most of these idiots can't even manage their own finances. We're supposed to trust them to operate a country?
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-19, #782) [Craig is critical of direct democracy]

Sixteen exabytes ought to be enough for anybody.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-18, #781)

Really, compression and probably a binary base representation is the only hope for the future of XML, because, eventually, people will want to do real work with it.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-14, #779)

When faced with the problem of starvation, a mathematician recalls that he has eaten before and says "Q.E.D."
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-15, #778)

A specification can require the sky to be green, but that does not make it so.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-15, #777)

Linux sysadmins cost a whopping 4.2% more than Windows® admins and they can only manage a pathetic 440% as many machines.
-- Craig Bruce (2003-01-05, #776) [ZDNet]

Q: Why does Canada have a higher unemployment rate than the US?
A: Because Canada has more generous unemployment and welfare benefits.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-11-21, #771)

Q: Why do bums beg for money in the street?
A: Because some people are willing to give them money in the street.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-11-20, #770)

Windows® DRM: When your computer dies, your digitial media dies with it.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-11-20, #769) [though, technically, "Windows" in not a trademarkable term]

The true motivation for Palladium® is one-fold: To enable Microsoft® to hold your own data hostage.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-11-18, #768)

About the Cassini pictures of the approach to Saturn: ...But still, they should 'Photoshop' some stars into the backgrounds of the pictures just to placate the conspiracy theorists.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-11-02, #767)

It's ironic that so many pacifists wish for world peace when they are the reason it's impossible.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-10-29, #766) [the same goes for world hunger]

Bruce's Law: In any complex system, there are more things that can go wrong than can go right.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-08-20, #763)
[The same is true of simple systems.]

The massive backlash will begin when Joe Sixpack presses 'Record' on his remote control and his fancy new home-entertainment system says "Permission Denied".
-- Craig Bruce (2002-08-20, #762)

We should stop arguing over whether horse piss or moose piss tastes better and just agree that they are both ungulate piss.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-08-16, #761) American vs. Canadian beer

Bruce's First Law of Image Processing: All methods of creating information out of thin air are equally as good.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-07-24, #759)

What, you think that Sun developed Java because they are interested in selling software?
-- Craig Bruce (2002-06-26, #757)

If you build your home in a flood plain, then you kind of deserve the inevitable result.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-06-13, #756)

XML will interoperate with any other technology as long as it's XML.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-05-21, #755)

Don't trust comments in source code. They only tell you what the program is _supposed_ to do.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-05-18, #754)

Linux, KDE 3.0, Gnome 2.0, Mozilla 1.0, OpenOffice 1.0, Evolution (superior Outlook replacement), InsightServer (Exchange replacement) -- it seems that Microsoft will soon be facing its worst nightmare: the commoditization of its key product areas.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-05-04, #753)

When an asshole calls you an asshole, does it make a sound?
-- Craig Bruce (2002-03-05, #751)

A problem with any successful system is 'versionitis'.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-02-15, #750)

There's no shortage of boobs on the Internet.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-29, #749)

I have a hard time believing that everything up until this moment have been determined by natural "accident" after natural "accident" for all these millions of years.

And in the quadrillions of other places in the universe where these "accidents" didn't happen, no one is around to bemoan the fact that they didn't.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-26, #748)

You've got to give those Toronto engineers credit. It's just about impossible to take a picture of the space shuttle's cargo bay without the word "Canada" being in it.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-26, #747)

Success creates its own mandate.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-19, #746)

Those who knew me, knew me well, and those who didn't, knew me better.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-16, #745)

Smoking reduces your risk of getting Alzheimer's Disease.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-16, #744) [and many other age-related ailments]

Moore's Law: The ultimate self-fulfilling prophesy.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-16, #743)

If you are a member of the tinfoil-hat brigade who thinks that the 'The System' is just a big conspiracy to exploit you, then I think that you are outrageously overestimating your value.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-15, #742)

I could buy and sell you an infinite number of times over! That is, assuming that I got the same price every time.
-- Craig Bruce (2002-01-10, #741)

The most damnable thing about Can-Con music... is that it worked.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-12-30, #740)

Bruce's Law: Every 18 months plus one day, the size of computational problems doubles.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-11-13, #739)

If so fast Java is, rewrite Solaris in it then why does Sun not?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-11-13, #738)

Q: How many of your previous romantic relationships were failures?
A: All of them.
Q: So, what are the chances for your present relationship?
A: Well, let's check the statistics...
-- Craig Bruce (2001-11-11, #737)

The only thing that a text format is efficient at encoding... is text.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-11-03, #736)

1-GHz Pentium-III + Java + XSLT == 1-MHz 6502.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-29, #735)

The only force in the world strong enough to defeat America... is America.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-26, #734)

Why is it that a $5 watch can keep perfect time but a $10,000 computer can't?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-25, #733)

Sitting on fences is hard on the butt.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-21, #731)

Any complex subject has at least two sides to it. If you find yourself reading an analysis that is presenting only one side, there is no need to continue reading.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-20, #730)

Every simple data type is a complex data type just waiting to happen.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-10-18, #729)

Being naturally intelligent will only take you so far. To be truly dangerous, you must recognize and adopt the intelligent ideas of others, even your enemies.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-09-13, #728)

Using incendiary devices is frequently an enlightening experience.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-08-06, #727)

It's interesting that Microsoft chose to use Red Rider's song "Lunatic Fringe" to promote Office XP on television.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-08-03, #726)

A fool and his data are soon parted.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-23, #725)

Isn't it amazing how we trust software to process our credit cards that can't even remove the spaces and dashes from the numbers?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-22, #724)

A team of people who are okay at everything will be okay. A team of people who are outstanding at mutually complementary things will be outstanding.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-18, #723)

Microsoft's anti-trust punishment should be a compulsory and immediate donation of $5-billion to the Free Software Foundation. This would shortly spell the end of Microsoft's tyranny.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-08, #722)

What the chip manufacturers really need to do is put a frequency divider inside of their CPUs. This way, they can advertise that they have a 16-GHz chip and sweep the market, while only actually producing a 1-GHz CPU core.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-08, #721)

God does play dice, but he doesn't like it when you peek while he is doing so.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-07-06, #719)

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the video camera is mightier than the pen.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-30, #718)

Sometimes my level of frustration exceeds my capability to not care. I shall endeavour to increase my capability to not care.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-27, #717)

Here is my impression of the XML encoding an image:


-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-23, #716)

Truth is Beauty. End of Message.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-20, #715)

GPL != "immoral". GPL == "immortal".
-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-19, #714)

-- Craig Bruce (1995-02-22, #713) [~VH]

All the world's a player and we are merely stages.
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-08, #712) [or something like this]

When you only HAVE one basket, you tend to put all of your eggs into it.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-02-01, #711)

-- Craig Bruce (1996-09-09, #710) [cf. "User defined"]

Most people like to live their LIFE without the middle 'F'.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-12-02, #708)

innovate, vb.: 1. To appropriate third-party technology through purchase, immitation, or theft and to integrate it into a de-facto, monopoly-position product. 2. To increase in size or complexity but not in utility; to reduce compatibility or interoperability. 3. To lock out competitors or to lock in users. 4. To charge more money; to increase prices or costs. 5. To acquire profits from investments in other companies but not from direct product or service sales. 6. To stifle or manipulate a free market; to extend monopoly powers into new markets. 7. To evade liability for wrong doings; to get off. 8. To purchase legislation, legistators, legislatures, or chiefs of state. 9. To mediate all transactions in a global economy; to embezzle; to co-opt power (coup d'état). Cf. innovate, English usage (antonym).
-- Craig Bruce (2001-06-01, #707) [Hello, Microsoft.]

If you don't give the theoriticans something inconsequential to do, there is a danger that they will get in the way of the real work.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-05-22, #705)

Quantum Computing: Putting the 'N' in 'NP'.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-05-18, #703)

As American as lawsuit lottery!
-- Craig Bruce (2001-05-12, #702)

XAS: XML Alphabet Soup.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-05-06, #700)

NASA cannot afford to be so close-minded about space tourism. The best way to secure funding for projects is popular interest, and space tourism promotes popular interest to the max. My $50k is standing by for my ticket.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-05-06, #699)

Oddly enough, "Luke, I am your father" is not the actual line from the movie.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-24, #697)

The true test of a reasonable man is that he has second thoughts.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-24, #696)

The phrase "spare the rod, spoil the child" should be banned for two reasons. Firstly, because it contians violent imagery. Secondly and more importantly, because it reveals a distrubing truth that society may have leaned so far left about raising children that the children have become screwed up as a result.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-24, #696)

How many femtofurlongs in an exachain?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-20, #694) [referring to Imperial units of measure]

One vendor, one solution, one bias, one lock-in.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-19, #693)

We all know that 30-million people were killed during World War II. The unreported story, of course, is that ten times that many people died of natural causes during that same period of time.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-07, #692)

"A stuffed penguin on every desktop."
-- Craig Bruce (2001-04-04, #691)

Q: Who was the first world leader to apply Keynes' principles of economics? Did the leader even know he was doing this? Did it work?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-31, #689

[A: Hitler. Probably not. Like gangbusters. The lack of understanding of these principles by other nations was a significant but unreported cause of WW II.]

tcl: Toy Creation Language.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-29, #687)

I find it too frustrating to watch those high-speed-car-chase reality cop shows on TV. Far too few of the bad guys end up getting killed.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-14, #686)

I think that you get a better return by investing in the winners of the next generation rather than in the losers of the previous generation.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-22, #685) [All of my charitable donations go to a university rather than to various poverty organizations]

The sooner we finish the initial implementation, the sooner we can start fixing it.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-14, #684)

Factoid: Calcium, from which our bones and teeth are constructed, is a metal.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-02-21, #683)
[Hey, tin-grin!]

Microsoft's use of the word "innovation" should be read as "appropriation".
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-02, #681)

Are prostitutes allowed to write off the depreciation of their capital equipment?
-- Craig Bruce (2001-03-02, #680)

strcmp("ahead of its time", "failure") == 0
-- Craig Bruce (2001-02-09, #679)

Well, if we didn't rationalize our behaviours, we would all go insane. Yeah... that's the ticket!
-- Craig Bruce (2001-01-31, #677)

Litigation: a commonly accepted substitute for Innovation in the new economy.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-01-27, #673)

Bruce's Law of Evolving Software Systems: Every software module needs to be rewritten every year.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-01-11, #671)

If a nuclear device ever needs to be used, then that device has *failed* its purpose.
-- Craig Bruce (2001-01-08, #670)

Halloween sucks! I'm too short to be Darth Vader and too tall to be Dark Helmet.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-12-31, #669)

Why is it that centuries and millennia begin on years ending in '01, whereas decades begin on years ending in '0? Did the first decade only have nine years?
-- Craig Bruce (2000-11-21, #666)

Medical Drugs: A means for creating stronger diseases and weaker people.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-11-13, #665)

10th Normal Form, adj. A pejoritive expression of formalism going to far an interfering with usability, implementability. An extension of 3rd Normal Form.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-11-11, #664) [needs work]

92.35% of people don't like to hear that their behaviour is predictable.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-09-01, #663)

You can hide data communication inside of all sorts of fancy synchronous abstractions, but you can't hide 'slow'.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-06-09, #661) [Java RMI or any highly synchronous language scheme]

Bruce's Law: Any piece of software, when completed, needs to be rewritten.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-06-08, #660) [The initial implementation can be thought of as the 'Design Spec'. The actual Design Spec is worthless and you shouldn't have wasted your time writing it in the first place.]

GET RICH QUICK! Send me $200.00 and I'll tell you how to get people to send you money to tell them how to GET RICH QUICK!
-- Craig Bruce (2000-06-06, #659)

Brain, n.: In humans, a vestigial organ, once used for thought, today used mainly for ballast.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-06-06, #658)

No illegal-monopoly anti-interoperability products were used in the creation of this message.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-05-27, #657)

Complexity: Kills Standards Dead.(TM)
-- Craig Bruce (2000-05-15, #655)

"Now with 20% more synergy."
-- Craig Bruce (2000-05-06, #654)

Who is the bigger fool? The fool who demands the impossible or the fool who comes in on weekends to do it?
-- Craig Bruce, (Saturday 2000-04-29, #653) [posted in reply to a Slashdot article, right before going into work...]

The only static design is a dead design.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-03-25, #646)

The correct spelling of "Glass Ceiling" is: C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-03-19, #645)

The only way to ensure peace is to kill all of your enemies.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-03-19, #644)

It just seems ironic that the people involved in open-standards organizations have their heads so far up Bill Gates' ass.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-03-13, #643) [i.e., disseminating information in MS-Word, PowerPoint, etc.]

Write once, _compile_ anywhere!
-- Craig Bruce (2000-02-14, #642)

Happiness is believing in whatever is most convenient.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-02-14, #641)

It's 11:00am. Do you know where your software developers are?
-- Craig Bruce (2000-02-11, #640)

The easiest way to stop is not to start.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-02-04, #639)

Anything that a government labels as "The People's", isn't.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-01-26, #638)

If it says 'this is not spam', it is.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-01-22, #635)

Implementing BASIC for the Altair 8800 was innovative. That's about it.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-01-14, #634) [commenting on Microsoft's "Innovation"]

America: Land of Opportunity.
Canada: Land of Welfare.
-- Craig Bruce (2000-01-14, #633)

Have you ever noticed how all of the hot young female recording artists are unbelievably attractive? Kind of makes you wonder what the world is missing out on of the musical talents of young women who aren't quite so pretty.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-12-17, #631)

Q: What's the most successful advertising gimmick of all time?
A: Santa Claus.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-12-15, #630)

Video is even better than being there... you don't have to wait through the boring parts.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-12-11, #629)

I've been architecting systems since before you were just a tear in your father's condom!
-- Craig Bruce (1999-11-30, #628)

New features, Good quality, On time -- choose two.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-11-30, #629)

Open source code never dies; its distinctiveness is just assimilated by more-successful open-source projects.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-11-30, #628)

Most people probably wouldn't believe that the "dark side" of the moon is only dark 1/2 of the time.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-11-13, #626)

When all else fails, enumerate the cases.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-11-04, #625)

Been there, done that, got the degree.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-10-14, #624)

Professor: A device for converting coffee into theorems.
Student: A device for converting alcohol into [poor grades].
-- Craig Bruce (1999-09-20, #622) [write in suggestions]

Have you ever noticed how Alabama vaguely resembles the profile of Bart Simpson? And Mississippi, Marge?
-- Craig Bruce (1999-09-13, #621)

Non-orthogonality in design is cancerous.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-09-07, #620)

Anyone who routinely uses the term 'community' is full of shit.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-09-02, #619)

Have you ever noticed how people in sitcoms almost never laugh at each other's jokes?
-- Craig Bruce (1999-07-21, #616)

The real Y2K bug is that there was no year zero.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-03-22, #615)

There is no such thing as 'Hamlet version 1.1'.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-03-20, #614)

There is no one more difficult to pigeonhole than a reasonable man.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-03-14, #613)

Igornance is bliss. Stupidity must be quite pleasant too, given its popularity.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-22, #612)

Why is it that whenever you see a photograph of the Earth from space, the landmass that is showing is always Africa? Are all of the satellites in the sky secretly owned by Zimbabwe?
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-08, #611)

Q: Why didn't they develop today's level of technology thousands of years ago?
A: Religion.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-07, #610)

People can be so short sighted. The Cold War is probably responsible for 95% of the technology that we use every day.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-06, #609)

Right now, people in the southern hemisphere at looking at the Sun... UPSIDE DOWN!
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-02, #607)

"They are firing on us!"
"Hold fire."
"They are firing on us again."
"Hold fire."
"Weapons have been destroyed."
"Plot an escape course, maximum warp."
"Engines are offline."
-- (ANY Star Trek space battle) Craig Bruce (1999-02-02, #606)

One of these years, the private high-speed Internet carriers are going to figure out that they can't handle the load caused by routing every single packet through their network backbone and over half the continent just to send it to a site next door. Their networks are already beginning to melt down. They will eventually unravel the Untra Secret of 'locality of reference,' which has been known by every network techie for the past 30 years.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-02-01, #605)

A good manager needs only to do two things:
1. Hire talented people to do the work; and
2. Stay the hell out of their way.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-30, #604)

Being a pessimist means always having a contingency plan.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-30, #603)

In just two years, all of the products named 'Blah-2000'... are going to be passe.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-30, #602)

Elderly people and infant children have one thing in common: Each thinks that the world revolves around them. Unfortunately, the old people can talk...
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-24, #598)

Less smalltalk, more plot!
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-24, #597)

Microsoft will suffer the same fate as IBM. They were late in recognizing the importance of Internet, but by doing an about-face on that issue and by crushing the right competitors, they were able to turn that around before it was too late. That their business model (proprietary incompatibility) completely precludes them from using the 'Open Source' concept... gives me warm fuzzies.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-21, #596)

The new security is so good that even legitimate users have to hack their way in.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-20, #595)

It's odd that those Budweiser commercials show young men involved in risky outdoor adventures rather than fat slobs sitting around on a couch watching a football game.
-- Craig Bruce (1999-01-20, #594)

Bruce's First Law of General System Dynamics:
Things are always more complicated than you would like them to be.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-12-30, #593)

Bruce's law of Global Policing:
Peacekeeping is stretching a war out to its longest possible duration.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-11-14, #592)

Bruce's Generalized Theory of Social Dynamics:  F = m · a.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-11-03, #590) ['Nuff said.]

He is a doctor of mathematics. 'The Math' is with him.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-10-29, #589)

Never underestimate the ability of a large corporation... to FUCK UP!
-- Craig Bruce (1998-10-17, #588)

Of course man will eventually travel to the stars.
Why else would they be there?
-- Craig Bruce (1998-08-29, #585)

Yeah, all NF types really hate it when I make sweeping generalizations about groups of people.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-07-26, #579)
[They hate the notion that people can be sorted into neat little boxes. Of course, their personality profile predicts this response.]

Canada has a very low birth rate. It seems that only the poor can afford to have babies.... Huh??
-- Craig Bruce (1998-06-30, #576)

What does it matter if WebTone(TM) services are 99.99999999% reliable if Microsoft Windows(TM) is only 80% reliable?
-- Craig Bruce (1998-06-15, #574)

If it feels like way too much, then maybe it's almost enough.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-05-27, #570)

Good business might be defined as coming up with good ideas, but I would say that it is also well defined as having the courage to get rid of the bad ideas.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-04-30, #566) [still under construction (needs to drip with bitter sarcasm)]

I am so bloody tired of seeing $50,000,000.00 worth of special effects being paired up with $500.00 worth of script.
-- Craig Bruce (1998-04-22, #565)

I like to sing along with the Barenaked Ladies' song "If I had $1,000,000" substituting the phrase "WHEN I have $1,000,000".
--Craig Bruce (1998-04-19, #562)

The Six Clicks of Separation: In the wired world, a person from your distant past that you might want to reach out to could be only six mouse clicks away.
--Craig Bruce (1998-04-18, #561) [Alternatively, they could be living less than six kilometers away. ;-)]

Whoever said that life is fair? Well, here goes: 'LIFE IS FAIR'. Now whenever someone trots out that horrible aphorism, you can tell them that *I* said it.
--Craig Bruce (1998-04-10, #559)

When a court dispenses moral judgements rather than legal ones, that is called Fascism.
--Craig Bruce (1998-04-10, #558)

I fight for Truth, Honour, Justice... and Babes!
--Craig Bruce (1998-01-28, #552) [mocking movie heros]

Anarchist, n.: A person who has never lived in an anarchic state.
--Craig Bruce (1998-01-20, #550)

Lust conquers all.
--Craig Bruce (1998-01-20, #548)

You know that you are in love when all those sappy old love songs suddenly make perfect sense.
--Craig Bruce (1997-11-28, #544)

Microsoft slogan: 'Where do we want you to go today?' (TM)
-- Craig Bruce (1997-08-30, #541)

Job Interviewer: "What is your biggest fault?"
Craig: "My biggest fault is that I have very little patience for stupid, rote questions."
-- Craig Bruce (1997-04-25, #539)

One thing that I have noticed is that people are extraordinarily diligent about representing their own interests.
-- Craig Bruce (1997-02-28, #536)

The worse things get, the stupider the euphemisms become.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-01-24, #535)

The difference between an algorithm and a program: The algorithm is what you wanted... The program is what you got.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-01-22, #534)

I can't decide which is scarier: The arrogance of the state or the ignorance of the jury.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-12-30, #532)

In terms of effort, the difference between 0 and 1 is about 10,000.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-12-17, #531)

Bruce's Theorem: Most people are stupid.
Pomakis' Corollary: Everyone thinks _he_ is the exception.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-12-11, #530)

They say that you can measure how advanced a society is by how well it treats its prisoners. More cynically, I say that you can measure this same 'advancedness' by how extensively it punishes the innocent.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-11-20, #526)

That's pronounced 'Car-Pay' Diem, not 'Crappy' Diem, you dummy!
-- Craig Bruce (1996-11-11, #523)

Nothing is so simple as something you don't understand.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-10-31, #519)

Bruce's First Law of Leadership: If you pretend to know what you are doing, most people will believe you.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-10-08, #513)

It isn't whether you win or lose; it's how you rationalize the experience afterwards.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-10-08, #512)

F=m·a. Everything else is derived.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-09-30, #511)

Well, let's just say that I have more faith in technology than I have in humanity's inherent good nature.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-09-27, #509)

Writing a computer program is a science. Writing a computer program _that works_ is an art.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-08-30, #507)

Lisp: Death by a thousand parentheses.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-08-20, #506)

We all have differences... this is the one thing we all have in common.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-08-17, #504)

We all choose our Fate.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-08-17, #502)

Computer Scientist, debug thyself!
-- Craig Bruce (1996-07-05, #500)

Ironically and predictibly, it's the so-called 'Freedom Fighters' who are the _Real_ threat to individual freedom in the modern world.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-06-14, #499)

Loving relationships: It's not all magic -- there's some smoke and mirrors involved, too.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-06-05, #498)

You only live once, but you can be broke forever!
-- Craig Bruce (1996-05-09, #495)

lim  later(x) == Never.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-05-20, #493)

Giving up is a slipery slope.
-- Craig Bruce (1996-03-14, #490)

CSB485. 1996/03/06 -----
"Curling: The thinking man's Hockey."

-- Craig Bruce (1996-03-06 #485) CSB483. 1996/03/01 ----- "Canada: Democracy of the major banks, by the major banks, for the major banks."
-- Craig Bruce (1996-03-01 #483) CSB482. 1996/02/29 ----- "Maybe money can't buy happiness, but a lack of money SURE can buy unhappiness."
-- Craig Bruce (1996-02-29 #482) CSB481. 1996/02/15 ----- "Isn't it funny how the first four letters of the word 'analyze' are 'anal'."
-- Craig Bruce (1996-02-15 #481) CSB478. 1996/01/28 ----- "Language, n.: A blunt instrument to be used to beat about the head those who do not understand."
-- Craig Bruce (1996-01-28 #478) CSB467. 1995/12/05 ----- "Microsoft Windows '95: Combining 1984 user-interface technology with 1970's operating-system technology and 1995 hype."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-12-05 #467) CSB466. 1995/12/05 ----- "That's a good choice, Sir: why, I have the exact same model at home!" -- any untrustworthy sales-scum
-- Craig Bruce (1995-12-05 #466) CSB464. 1995/11/28 ----- "Charisma is a generally accepted substitute for talent."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-28 #464) CSB463. 1995/11/28 ----- "Money makes things possible; ideas make things happen."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-28 #463) CSB461. 1995/11/28 ----- "To put off a decision is to limit your options."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-28 #461) CSB451. 1995/11/16 ----- "USENET News: The Information Supercollider."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-16 #451) CSB449. 1995/11/16 ----- "One man who's not afraid to face the horrible truth ...or to invent some horrible truth to face."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-16 #449) CSB448. 1995/11/16 ----- "Merry XXXXXXXXX... Season."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-16 #448) CSB446. 1995/11/16 ----- "You just have to read between the lies."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-16 #446) CSB445. 1995/11/16 ----- "It is unfortunate that the behaviours most likely to get a man charged with sexual harassment are also the behaviours most likely to get him laid."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-11-16 #445) CSB441. 1995/10/28 ----- "We have always heard from the poverty groups that the top 10% of income earners never pay any taxes, and now we're hearing that only the top 10% of income earners are going to benefit from the massive tax cuts being proposed by government (at the expense of transfer payments to the poor). So, which lie is true?"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-10-28 #441) CSB438. 1995/10/11 ----- "I wonder if holding a 'Heroinfest' would attract any more drug addicts."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-10-11 #438) [Referring to the local 'Oktoberfest' beer festival, in Kitchener, Ontario.] CSB437. 1995/10/10 ----- "Not giving a shit means never having to say that you're sorry."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-10-10 #437) CSB436. 1995/10/01 ----- "To those pharmaceutical-bottle makers out there: Just imagine that there is this one household out there... somewhere... just hypothetically speaking... that _DOESN'T_ have any children!"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-10-01 #436) CSB434. 1995/09/30 ----- "Think about it this way: How can you be held responsible for thoughts, memories, behaviour patterns, and deeds that you have left behind in a three-and-a-half-pound bag of rotting meat?"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-30 #434) CSB432. 1995/09/11 ----- "...and since it's done at a lower level of software, it's done at zero cost..."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-11 #432) CSB431. 1995/09/08 ----- "No cause too high, no tactic too low."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-08 #431) CSB430. 1995/09/07 ----- "Disbelief is a luxury."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-07 #430) CSB429. 1995/09/05 ----- "The great thing about being government is that if you are losing the game, then you can simply change the rules."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-05 #429) CSB427. 1995/09/04 ----- "Seven-high beats no cards."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-09-04 #427) CSB426. 1995/08/24 ----- "The political message about 'working within the law' of the movie _Clear and Present Danger_ might be a bit self-defeating... At the end of the movie, all of the Columbian drug lords are dead. Is this supposed to be a bad thing?"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-24 #426) CSB425. 1995/08/16 ----- "From a non-owner's perspective: At least cats don't bark!"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-16 #425) CSB420. 1995/08/08 ----- "Work, n.: That which happens when one's level of frustration exceeds one's tendency for procrastination."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-08 #420) CSB419. 1995/08/08 ----- "The once-proud apostrophe: the great victim of our illiterate time."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-08 #419) CSB417. 1995/08/08 ----- "A country whose leader wears a military uniform is a war waiting to happen."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-08 #417) CSB415. 1995/08/06 ----- "They say that Eskimos have some 14 words that mean 'snow'. English-speaking people must have at least 500 words that mean 'stupid person'."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-06 #415) [Environmental adaptation.] CSB414. 1995/08/06 ----- "The irony, of course, is that if the entire herd of antelope were to turn and trample the lion, the lion wouldn't stand a chance."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-06 #414) CSB413. 1995/08/06 ----- "Children, n.: The foolproof way to insure that poor people stay poor."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-08-06 #413) CSB408. 1995/07/22 ----- (After spending several hours figuring out a stupid bug): "Why does Fate have to be so God-damned petty?!"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-07-22 #408) CSB395. 1995/06/19 ----- "Divisiveness is always an easy sell."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-06-19 #395) CSB392. 1995/06/12 ----- "Linux: Ask not what your operating system can do for you; ask what you can do for your operating system."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-06-12 #392) CSB391. 1995/06/07 ----- "Insight don't come cheap."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-06-07 #391) CSB389. 1995/06/05 ----- "The Internet has two things in abundance: CRAP ...and wisdom."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-06-05 #389) CSB388. 1995/05/24 ----- "Kids today have video games where we had inexpensive 8-bit computers to play with when we were young. I wonder if they are going to have the same deep technical understanding of how computers work when they get to university that we had, in addition to an incredible eye-hand coordination."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-24 #388) CSB387. 1995/05/23 ----- "If their social condition is so abominable, then why are they the happiest people alive?"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-23 #387) CSB386. 1995/05/15 ----- "My personal design philosophy: 'No compromises, no apologies.'"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-15 #386) CSB384. 1995/05/06 ----- "...But that's all just a bridge under the water now..."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-06 #384) CSB382. 1995/05/06 ----- "Interesting: I don't actually know any Doctors who debug _people_."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-06 #382) CSB377. 1995/05/02 ----- "In high school, most popular students' self-esteem comes at the expense of someone else."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-05-02 #377) CSB372. 1995/04/05 ----- "The Programmer's Mantra: 'Why? Because it _wasn't_ there.'"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-04-05 #372) CSB371. 1995/03/28 ----- "At least they call it 'equity', which is a financial term, rather than 'equality', which is both a legal and a mathematical term."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-03-28 #371) CSB369. 1995/03/24 ----- "If God had intended for us to fly, He would have given us brains large enough to figure out how to build airplanes."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-03-24 #369) CSB367. 1995/03/20 ----- "Top 10 Signs that a Debater has a Weak Argument: 10. He must be evasive and cannot answer your questions directly. 9. He has to change the phrasing of your arguments in order to address them. 8. He is forced to talk about 'greater goods' (also an indication that he is secretly ashamed of what he is advocating). 7. - 6. He calls you 'well adjusted' and then bails out of the debate. 5. He consistently fails to use the phrase 'I think' where it applies. 4. He begins a paragraph with the word 'surely'. 3. He uses the word 'obviously' on the critical path of his logic where there is no mathematical type of implication. 2. He calls you stupid exclusively because you don't agree with him. And the #1 sign that a debater has a weak argument...... 1. He is forced to talk about 'sending strong messages' to people." [Still under construction]
-- Craig Bruce (1995-03-20 #367) CSB363. 1995/03/14 ----- "...Furthermore, the committee recommends that the departments of the members of the committee be given a greater share of the university's resources."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-03-14 #363) [Paraphrase of one of the recommendations made by the Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment and Discrimination at UW.] CSB361. 1995/03/10 ----- "New Politically Correct term for 'womyn': 'person of gender'."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-03-10 #361) CSB357. 1995/02/09 ----- "Who cares if they pass the Clipper chip in Canada? You just have to remember to PGP before you Clipper."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-02-09 #357) CSB354. 1995/01/28 ----- "Fate: The meaningless formality of playing out the inevitable."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-01-28 #354) CSB353. 1995/01/18 ----- "Bruce's Law: If computing capacity is doubling every year, then software bloat is tripling."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-01-18 #353) CSB351. 1995/01/13 ----- "Have you been flamed on the Net? You could be entitled to a CASH settlement! Call the law offices of Screwem & Howe for your free consultation. Know your LEGAL rights!"
-- Craig Bruce (1995-01-13 #351) [Annoying TV commercial; someone else is always liable for your disasterous choices.] CSB350. 1995/01/05 ----- "Your Friendly Neighborhood Cable Company: Bringing you the 500-channel universe... a few channels at a time, and charging you an extra $3.50 each step of the way."
-- Craig Bruce (1995-01-05 #350) CSB348. 1995/01/01 ----- "And then on the eighth day, God said, 'Let there be Internet'. And there was, and God was pleased." -- A passage from _The Revised Bible_ of the year 3995.
-- Craig Bruce (1995-01-01 #348) CSB347. 1994/12/25 ----- "Which is more powerful, God's infinite omniscience or my Free Will?"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-12-25 #347) CSB344. 1994/12/22 ----- "Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will." "Bruce's Law: If *nothing* can go wrong, IT WILL!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-12-22 #344) CSB341. 1994/12/10 ----- "...Introducing the new Intel Pentiul processor... well, close enough."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-12-10 #341) CSB335. 1994/11/30 ----- "Instead of the verbose euphemism 'Person of color', how about just 'Person'?"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-30 #335) CSB334. 1994/11/29 ----- "Some criminals can't handle their freedom, so we're taking away *YOURS*!" -- The Government of Canada, 1994 (paraphrased)
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-29 #334) CSB328. 1994/11/29 ----- "In the year 2394, assuming a 2% annual rate of inflation, your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren will be paying $7024.39 per month to Bell Canada for the privilege of using Touch-Tone service on their residential lines."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-29 #328) CSB327. 1994/11/23 ----- "Vapour trail, n.: The over-powering scent trail left behind by a woman who is wearing way too much perfume... some men too."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-23 #327) CSB323. 1994/11/22 ----- "Bruce's First Law of the Conservation of Energy: You don't have to be friends with every person you meet."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-22 #323) CSB322. 1994/11/20 ----- "Here is my bid to save the Internet: its : belonging to 'it' it's : contraction of 'it is' there : not here, but... there their : belonging to 'them' they're : contraction of 'they are' argument : no E after the U John's : belonging to 'John' different : should be followed by 'from' affect : not to be confused with 'effect' 'i.e.,' : 'ie.' is wrong X and I : 'he and I went to school' and 'it belongs to him and me' high-school students : the hyphen needs to be there!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-20 #322) CSB320. 1994/11/19 ----- "Q: How many personal-injury lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? A: About five hundred. The first 499 will develop various neck and wrist injuries, be cut by broken glass, be electrocuted, be taken out by no printed warnings about injesting glass and metal, suffocate, be hit by busses, etc..."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-19 #320) CSB315. 1994/11/16 ----- "Magalomaniacs of the 20th century: Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates. Hard to say which one of them has had the most destructive impact on human society, although one of them is still alive..."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-16 #315) CSB312. 1994/11/08 ----- "The Fast Bruce Transform: 'due to time constraints' --> 'because of our poor time management...'."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-11-08 #312) CSB310. 1994/10/30 ----- "I give you the greatest gift that I have to give: My absence."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-10-30 #310) CSB308. 1994/10/25 ----- "Craig's Modern Nursery Rhymes #2: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall And all the King's horses and all the King's men Got their asses sued off by Humpty's next of kin."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-10-25 #308) CSB306. 1994/10/23 ----- "I just saw this wildlife preservation commercial and they showed some rescued sea animals and guess what they were feeding them -- FISH!! *snicker* I'll bet the fish died naturally of old age. *snort* Their motto must be 'we kill and feed no animal to a carnivore before its time'. I guess that some animals are just not as cute as others."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-10-23 #306) CSB301. 1994/10/12 ----- "Bruce's Law: Governments are not generally opposed to acquiring more power."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-10-12 #301) CSB300. 1994/09/27 ----- "None are so Politically Correct as those who will not have to suffer the consequences."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-27 #300) CSB293. 1994/09/21 ----- "I'd say the odds are about 50/50, plus or minus four percentage points, nineteen times out of twenty, assuming we have a perfectly random sample, and assuming that the sample comes from a mathematically perfect normal distribution."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-21 #293) [Craig questions the link between mathematics and human behaviour.] CSB288. 1994/09/14 ----- "Q: How long does it need to take to rid the world of the ills of racism and sexism? A: One generation. Q: How long WILL it take? A: Probably longer..."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-14 #288) CSB286. 1994/09/12 ----- "This is a test of the Emergency Censoring System. This is only a test. XXX XX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXX XXX XX XXXXX XXXXXXX. This has been a test of the Emergency Censoring System. If there had been an actual emergency, you would have heard nothing at all."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-12 #286) CSB285. 1994/09/07 ----- "Clear products: Kind of makes you wonder how many chemicals they have to pump into the shit to make it transparent!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-07 #285) CSB284. 1994/09/02 ----- "Never underestimate the destructive power of a good intention."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-09-02 #284) CSB283. 1994/08/16 ----- "Join the Long-Line Boycott. Don't read any line of electronic text that has more than 80 characters on it!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-08-16 #283) CSB281. 1994/08/08 ----- "'Lightning never strikes twice,' but, in the general case, lightning only has to strike once."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-08-08 #281) CSB278. 1994/08/04 ----- "If you think that you love someone, then you do."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-08-04 #278) CSB276. 1994/08/03 ----- "His mind is like a steel cage: Nothing gets in and nothing gets out."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-08-03 #276) CSB275. 1994/08/02 ----- "Mental Inertia: A mind in motion will tend to stay in motion, and a mind at rest will tend to stay at rest, unless acted upon by some outside kick in the ass."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-08-02 #275) CSB274. 1994/07/28 ----- "Truth has no political allegiance."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-28 #274) CSB273. 1994/07/28 ----- "The Information Superhighway . . . will be a great service to humanity, will allow true democracy, and will revolutionize the pornography industry."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-28 #273) CSB272. 1994/07/27 ----- "Repeat after me... 'I should have started my project one day earlier', 'I should have started my project one day earlier', 'I should have...' ..."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-27 #272) CSB270. 1994/07/22 ----- "A bomb that can destroy an entire city!?? Ridiculous!!" "Men walking on the moon!?? Preposterous!!" "People flying between the stars!?? Absurd!!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-22 #270) CSB265. 1994/07/10 ----- "I question any system of logic that requires song as an integral component of its dissemination."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-10 #265)

"I don't do drugs." I love it when people say that to me. What exactly do you think that alcohol is, a mineral?
-- Craig Bruce (1994-07-06 #264)

It may not be such a terrible tragedy if, while cleaning a frying pan, you accidentally scrape off some of the teflon that your food is sticking to."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-29 #263)

New studies show that 100% of all smokers die.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-28 #262)

You cannot attack a man's character if he hasn't any to begin with.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-24 #261)

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Well, actually, there's getting shot, blown up, beaten up, taken prisoner, losing limbs, losing organs, being tortured, pain, suffering, death, ...
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-18 #260)

Quite frankly, I find dog shit on the sidewalk infinitely more offensive than the contents of newsgroups that I'm not forced to read.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-18 #259)

Warning: An asteroid will hit the Earth in 25 days. Please evacuate the planet in an orderly fashion."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-06-09 #256)

Eureka!! I've found it, a proof that P = NP! And it's so simple! But, unfortunately, there's not quite enough room to fit it in this quotation... (Bruce's Last Theorem)
-- Craig Bruce (1994-05-21 #247) [Methinks Fermat was a fake!]

Heavy sarcasm is the sincerest form of flattery...
-- Craig Bruce (1994-05-05 #243)

Lawyer Logic, noun: The system of logic used by lawyers to 'prove' cases in a court of law. An example of a theorem in this system of logic is: If there is the slightest even most remote possible chance that event A might have happened and if it is advantageous for the lawyer presenting the argument that event A happened, then event A did indeed happen with absolute certainty, 100% guaranteed, yes-sir-ee.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-05 #237)

I knew that they could grow seedless fruits, but I think it's amazing that they can raise boneless chickens.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-05 #235)

Yes, despite its simplicity, your test case is indeed UG-LY-complete.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-29 #234)

If, after extensive tweaking, your program is still too slow, try dropping a few 'sleep(-1)'s into it.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-29 #233)

Only a dying language needs legal protection.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-22 #230)

...but then, Mathematics is just Applied Computer Science anyway...
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-21 #228)

Lawyerocracy, noun: Government in which lawyers hold all real power and citizens are terrorized into submission by threat of litigation. E.g., United States of America, Canada.
-- Craig Bruce (1993-04-20 #223)

All in all, the day is just another empty Coke can in the wall...
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-13 #219) [Maybe you'd have had to have seen the Coke-can pyramids in my office.]

It's interesting how the words 'prophet' and 'profit' sound the same...
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-10 #218)

You know that your motives aren't entirely pure when you say 'Take THAT!!' when you press the RETURN key to post a news article.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04-09 #217)

Coach to Player: "There's no 'I' in 'TEAM'!"
Player to Coach: "Yeah, well there's no 'U' in 'WIN'!
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04 #215)

I have always found that the best answer to the 'who is to decide' question is 'we, the people'.
-- Craig Bruce (1994-04 #213) CSB212. 1994/03/31 ----- "My Canada includes personal freedom."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-31 #212) CSB211. 1994/03/30 ----- "Give me freedom or give me... a huge compensation package!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-30 #211) CSB210. 1994/03/28 ----- "When the mouse's away, the cats will pray."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-28 #210) CSB207. 1994/03/18 ----- "At least now I know that I had some good original ideas; this other famous guy had them eight years ago."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-18 #207) CSB206. 1994/03/17 ----- "Bachelor: learning to get results; Master : mastering getting results; Ph.D. : learning to doctor results."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-17 #206) CSB201. 1994/03/16 ----- "It has always been much easier to legislate anger, hostility and resentment, than fairness."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-16 #201) CSB196. 1994/03/13----- "You look like the shit that shit shits when shit has the shits!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-13 #196) CSB195. 1994/03/12----- "Books burn at Fahrenheit 451; at what temperature do bits burn? Fahrenheit 98.6."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03-12 #195) CSB188. 1994/03/00 ----- "Computer Graphics: Painting by numbers... and formulas, and laws of physics, and polygon meshing, and quadrilateral meshing, and ray tracing, and radiosity, and area subdivision, and antialiasing, and fractals, and geometric transformations, and bump mapping, and texture mapping, and splines, and orthographic projections, and Gouraud shading, and Phong shading, and solid modelling, and..." can't fool me!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-03 #188) CSB182. 1994/02/00 ----- "You can't kid a kidder, you can't bullshit a bullshitter, and you can't fool me!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #182) CSB180. 1994/02/00 ----- "Anything on paper is obsolete!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #180) CSB176. 1994/02/00 ----- "We who are about to sleep all night long, salute you."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #176) [As a T.A., said to a group of computer science students the day before a big assignment was due. Damn, I'm cruel! ;-)] CSB174. 1994/02/00 ----- "Pussymagnet, n.: synonym for 'Guitar'."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #174) CSB172. 1994/02/00 ----- "The problem of research is that someone, somewhere, has already done what you are proposing to do. The challenge is to make sure that you don't find out about this other guy's work until after you have graduated."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #172) CSB170. 1994/02/00 ----- "Nothing surpasses the beauty and elegance of a bad idea."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #170) CSB169. 1994/02/00 ----- "Power interrupts. Uninterruptable power interrupts absolutely."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #169) CSB166. 1994/02/00 ----- "Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who watches him on TV?" - ~Obi-Wan Kenobi
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #166) CSB165. 1994/02/00 ----- "Oops, the economy's in a slump; we'd better start a war."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #165) CSB156. 1993/02/18 ----- "Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to implement stupid ideas."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-02-18 #156) CSB154. 1994/02/00 ----- "Some animals have a lot of nerve -- they get caught in my teeth!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #154) CSB153. 1994/02/00 ----- Fascist in a democratic state: "We must ban all obscenities!" Democrat in a fascist state: ""
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #153) CSB143. 1994/02/00 ----- "You can say 'mother'; you can even say 'fucker', but you can't say 'motherfucker' on Canadian TV. What do you bet that you WOULD be allowed to say 'fatherfucker'?"
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #143) CSB139. 1994/02/00 ----- "Think I'll go out and kill me a submarine sandwich."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #139) CSB138. 1994/02/00 ----- "In 1969 a couple of guys walked around on the moon, but, much more important to the future of humanity, UNIX was invented."
-- Craig Bruce (1994-02 #138) CSB128. 1994/00/00 ----- "As a general rule, anyone who talks about 'sending a strong message' to people, is full of shit."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #128) CSB125. 1994/00/00 ----- "I think; therefore, I am the center of the universe."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #125) CSB121. 1994/00/00 ----- "Home Sweet Hell."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #121) [I'm not sure if I came up with this myself or if I picked it up somewhere else. It does appear to have been uttered by Al Bundy in Married... With Children.] CSB118. 1994/00/00 ----- "Geez, all that money we waste on space exploration; just think how many bombs that would buy!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #118) CSB117. 1994/00/00 ----- "Now is the time for all good men to run like hell."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #117) CSB115. 1994/00/00 ----- "Empty office door == empty mind."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #115) CSB111. 1994/00/00 ----- "You can't overrule us; we ARE the people."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #111) CSB109. 1994/00/00 ----- "Whoever invented double clicking should be shot in the head! Twice!!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #109) CSB107. 1994/00/00 ----- "Well, what else would you expect from a country that idolizes sports figures?"
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #107) CSB105. 1994/00/00 ----- "Well I find your offense offensive!"
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #105) CSB095. 1994/00/00 ----- "If God had decided to go with solid state electronics rather than slimy meat and chemicals, we would all have died from boredom long ago while waiting for our limbs to move."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #095) CSB092. 1994/00/00 ----- "Don't trust anyone who has been in school for the past 24 consecutive years."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #092) CSB090. 1994/00/00 ----- "Proposed standard unit of data storage: the 'Virtual Tree', equivalent to 120.8 megabytes."
-- Craig Bruce (1994 #090) CSB089. 1994/00/00 ----- "Five more... Four more... Keep it going, three more... Two more, almost there... One more... Okay, click and drag... Five more... Mousercising."
-- Craig Bruce (1994, #089) CSB088. 1994/00/00 ----- "Don't judge a book by its thickness either."
-- Craig Bruce (1994, #088) CSB087. 1993/12/00 ----- "In my religion, the word 'dog' must be spelt 'doG'."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-12, #087) CSB085. 1993/12/00 ----- "Wus, noun: A user of software with a WYSIWYG interface. See also 'luser'."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-12, #085) CSB084. 1993/11/00 ----- "Brucify, verb: To remove all arbitrary limits from a design at great expense and complication."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #084) CSB082. 1993/11/00 ----- "Necessity is the mother of all reinvention."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #082) CSB080. 1993/11/00 ----- "I'd rather be sleeping."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #080) CSB079. 1993/11/00 ----- "Research: thought for food."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #079) CSB078. 1993/11/00 ----- "Optimist, noun: One who does not fully comprehend the magnitude of the problem."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #078) CSB077. 1993/11/00 ----- "...and then man said, 'Let there be God.'"
-- Craig Bruce (1993-11, #077) CSB076. 1993/10/00 ----- "The Optimist's Handbook, hint #12: Substitute the word 'challenge' whenever you mean to say 'problem.'"
-- Craig Bruce (1993-10, #076) CSB071. 1993/08/00 ----- "The Thought Police: To censor and protect."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-08, #071) CSB068. 1993/05/00 ----- "Think Tank, noun: The shower."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-05, #068) CSB064. 1993/02/00 ----- "In order for a man to be truly evil, he must be a woman."
-- Craig Bruce (1993-02, #064) CSB062. 1992/10/00 ----- "Bruce's Law of The General Perversity of the Universe: Most of your mini-wheats will be sugar-side down in the milk."
-- Craig Bruce (1992-10, #062) CSB054. 1992/06/00 ----- "Supermarket automatic doors open for me; therefore, I am."
-- Craig Bruce (1992-06, #054) CSB053. 1991/00/00 ----- "Even IBM can't stand in the way of progress... for more than a decade."
-- Craig Bruce (1991, #053) CSB052. 1991/00/00 ----- "When you are finished with it, put it back in the first place that you looked for it."
-- Craig Bruce (1991, #052) CSB050. 1990/00/00 ----- "It's hardware that makes a machine fast. It's software that makes a fast machine slow."
-- Craig Bruce (1990, #050) CSB043. 1989/01/24 ----- "The difference between being able to understand something and inventing it in the first place... is called genius."
-- Craig Bruce (1989-01-24, #043) CSB036. 1988/11/04 ----- "The only time you have all of your shit together is when you are up to your neck in it."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-11-04, #036) CSB033. 1988/10/16 ----- "If I gave a damn what other people think of me, I would be more like other people."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-10-16, #033) CSB032. 1988/09/26 ----- "When trying to locate something, search your mind first."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-09-26, #032) CSB031. 1988/09/26 ----- "Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-09-26, #031) CSB030. 1988/09/12 ----- "Never underestimate the power of a simple tool."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-09-12, #030) CSB029. 1988/08/06 ----- "'Programming' is a four-letter word."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-08-06, #029) CSB025. 1988/06/28 ----- "When shooting in the dark, it is a good idea to use a machine gun."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-06-28, #025) CSB024. 1988/04/17 ----- "Why are people unemployed? Because there is no work. Why is there no work? Because people are not buying products and services. Why are people not buying products and services? Because they have no money. Why do people have no money? Because they are unemployed."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-04-17, #024) CSB023. 1988/04/17 ----- "From each according to his ability, to each according to his ability."
-- Craig Bruce (1988-04-17, #023) CSB021. 1988/01/08 ----- "The entire universe is working against me. I can't believe the entire universe could be that foolish!"
-- Craig Bruce (1988-01-08, #021) CSB019. 1986/10/00 ----- "When you talk to yourself, at least you know that someone is listening."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-10, #019) CSB017. 1986/08/00 ----- "Temporary solutions often become permanent problems."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-08, #017) CSB015. 1986/07/00 ----- "Something is always simple until you try it."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-07, #015) CSB011. 1986/05/00 ----- "Silence is a statement that is open to gross misinterpretation."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-05, #011) CSB010. 1986/04/00 ----- "If the shoe fits, it is probably worn out."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-04, #010) CSB009. 1986/03/00 ----- "You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for."
-- Craig Bruce (1986-03, #009)

Time is a resource whose supply is inversely proportional to its demand.
-- Craig Bruce (1986-03, #008)

Things always look better when you haven't seen them.
-- Craig Bruce (1986-03, #007)

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